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Using a Professional to Set the Stage for Buyers

Posted On April 23, 2013

If you want to increase the chances of your house selling quicker, hiring a professional to stage your home is an investment worth looking into. It is believed that a professionally staged home often sells quicker and at a higher price.

What is staging?
Staging is the art of setting up a home in a way that the best features of each room are highlighted, drawing a buyer’s attention to these selling points. It could be a fireplace, large bay windows or an intricately carved banister. With all the best features highlighted, potential buyers are less likely to notice features they may not consider ideal.

Why stage your home?
Buyers like to imagine how a home will look with their belongings in it. By staging a home for them rather than someone who says we buy houses as is, you give them the opportunity to imagine their possessions fitting in with the most important points in your home. They can picture their furniture circling the fireplace and their pictures on the mantle or see themselves coking in the spacious kitchen.

Why hire a professional?
We become attached to our homes and it is difficult to imagine how others see it. A professional has been trained to observe a home through the buyer’s eyes rather than the seller’s. You may feel attached to your grandmother’s window treatments, but they may not bring out the beauty in a large bay window as well as some different treatment. Professionals will bring in any item they feel will help sell the house, without the addition of sentimentality. That area you have set up for family game night may not touch a buyer as much as a reading nook where they can block out the world for a brief time.

Having your home staged by a professional may seem a needless expense at first, but the chance of selling quicker, and often at a higher price, more than makes up for the cost and this helps alleviate some of the stress of selling your home and moving forward.

About Daniel Cowdrey

Daniel Cowdrey is the Founder and President of Expert House Buyer, a leading home buying company that has purchased over 500 properties in the last 20+ years. Expert House Buyer focuses on keeping the entire process simple and quick for their clients, buying properties "as is" and not charging commission. Their clients include people who are selling inherited property, facing foreclosure or have an investment property with tenant problems.

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  1. Hiring a professional is always a good option. They stage your home in the best way. It quicken up the process of selling your home that too at higher prices.

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