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Finding a Real Estate Agent Who Says “I Buy Houses”

Posted On February 28, 2013

Finding a real estate agent who says “I buy houses” can be tricky. Scammers can sometimes swindle prospective sellers. In general, you want to do your homework and make sure you are secure. Here are a few tips to finding the right real estate agent who will buy your house as is.

1. Find a good, local realtor. Check the company this realtor works for, and make sure they deal in properties in your specific area. Make sure they have a good reputation for selling houses for fair prices, and, if you can, check references with whom this realtor has worked.

2. Calculate what you will need to find a new home. Take the value of your home into account, and make sure you have figure you want to sell your house at before you go to a realtor.

3. Take your time and choose carefully. Do the research. Reviews are a great way to check a real estate agent who says “I buy houses”. Never rush into a situation in which you can be taken advantage of. Check your sources concerning a particular realtor and make sure they are legitimate and are able to buy your house for what you need to find a new home.

Follow these basic steps and you will sell your house in any condition for the price you need.


About Daniel Cowdrey

Daniel Cowdrey is the Founder and President of Expert House Buyer, a leading home buying company that has purchased over 500 properties in the last 20+ years. Expert House Buyer focuses on keeping the entire process simple and quick for their clients, buying properties "as is" and not charging commission. Manuel is very experienced in the business and knows the importance of helping property owners through honesty, straightforwardness and cash for house transactions.

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